5 simple pleasures you get in a luxury hotel

There’s nothing quite like a stay in a luxury hotel.  OK, so you’re not at home but you’ll have all the comforts that you could want while you’re away from the nest. Cleanliness, a decent mattress and a nice hot shower are all things we can expect when we splash the cash on an upmarket hotel.

A charming chocolate box in the shape of a jockey's hat!
A charming jockey hat box created for a high-end hotelier

But these days 5 star hotel rooms offer the paying guest rather a lot more than that. Here’s a list of 5 lovely luxuries that might be waiting to surprise you in your premium room:

1. Spa access. Admission into a deluxe spa for primping and pampering is a great way to relax during your stay.

2. Wifi that actually works. It’s a real benefit when you can surf for leisure or get some real work done, and all the better when you’re not waiting five minutes for every page to load!

3. Flowers. A beautiful arrangement of flowers adds a real touch of glamour and elegance to every room.

4. Fruit. Not only does a bowl of fruit look rather lovely, but it might also go towards making guests feel better about feasting on #5 in my list…

5. Chocolate! How often are we presented with a complimentary box of chocolates in life? Not all that often, I can tell you!

Sometimes when you’re a guest in a 5 star hotel, you’ll find a charming little box of one or two chocolates on your pillow to say goodnight; a very welcome bedtime surprise, as long as you clean your teeth afterwards…

chocolate box elegant hotel
A welcome surprise waiting for you in your hotel room!

Even better is when you find a handsome box of luxury chocolates waiting for you. I don’t imagine I would ever be too unhappy to receive that sort of surprise!

But the beautiful boxes that contain these luxuries don’t just appear out of thin air, and that’s where GWD step in.

We put in real care and precision to create polished wow factor boxes. Our chocolate boxes embody the style and luxuriousness of both the chocolates inside them, and the room in which they sit.

The little ‘goodnight’ chocolate boxes that we create are typically small fold-up boxes that can hold one or two chocolates. That should be all you need after a posh dinner in the restaurant downstairs!

An elegant two choc box made for a luxury hotel
An elegant two choc box made for a luxury hotel

Small boxes like these might be simple ‘ballotin’ boxes, like the sort of thing you see on a chocolate counter in a decent deli. Or they could be more elaborate, with decorative closures and handles.

Chocolate boxes for hotels are normally always personalised so that the box is an extension of the luxury room. It should have that same wow factor that you get when you walk into the room for the first time. We usually personalise the boxes by putting the hotel logo on the lid in foil blocking, or by manufacturing them in the hotel’s colours.

A very appropriate graduate hat box for an Oxford hotel
A very appropriate graduate hat box for an Oxford hotel

If you think that a chocolate box is always rectangular, then think again! We make chocolate boxes for hotels in all sorts of shapes and sizes; from handbags to hats! We manufactured these mortarboard boxes for a hotel in Oxford; perfect for the historic university town.

The larger boxes usually hold between 5 and 12 chocolates and are generally given away in the most expensive rooms of high-end hotels. Unlike the 1-2 choc boxes, these are typically rigid boxes with either a separate lid or a hinge lid.

Every option looks great and goes towards creating a wow factor box that is equal to that feeling you get when you open an expensive box of chocolates and see the delights inside. And the added beauty is that it’s all part of the service that comes with your luxury room.


Noel Greenwood is the Managing Director of GWD Ltd, the designers and manufacturers of presentation and promotional packaging.  You can reach him on (01279) 416093 or at the company’s website: www.gwd.ltd.uk