Boxing clever on your Wedding Day

Finally we’ve ushered in some sun, and isn’t it nice to see it?!  I’m a big fan of this time of year – the trees are green, the birds are singing and the Summer is nearly upon us! Each year these factors set little bells ringing in my mind. Not alarm bells, you might be wondering, but wedding bells. That’s right! Wedding season is fast approaching.

IMG_0238As those of you who have organised a wedding will know, May is an important month in planning terms for a Summer wedding. We’ve actually got a wedding in the family this year (for the second year in a row!), so it’s all hands on deck as we try to translate a few nice wedding ideas jotted on a piece of paper into a living, breathing event.

One particular advantage we have is that many of the items we need to involve in this wedding can be made in our factory. So we’re currently deciding on the various boxes that will form a key part of the day (and the days that precede it). Who knew that boxes form such a key part of a wedding?

Given that I’ve got weddings on the brain right now, I thought I’d put down a few of my thoughts to let you know about some of the things we make at GWD that might be able to enhance your event:

Save the date boxes

Save The Date Box
A ‘Save The Date’ box made for Elle Liberachi

Regular readers of the blog will no doubt be aware of the seriously beautiful ‘save the date’ box we made for the model Elle Liberachi last year.  Elle was after something individual and quirky that she could send her ‘save the date’ cards in, and came up with a beautiful box that housed a couple of high-quality macaroons as well as the all important date.

On the back of that work, we’ve had quite a lot of enquiries about similar boxes – it seems that saving the date has become more elaborate than ever!

Wedding favour boxes

Wedding favour boxes may well be our most common form of wedding stationery; we are often asked to provide wedding favour boxes for a variety of clients.  Haven’t got a clue what I’m on about?  You must be a man.

Wedding favours are the little treats that the bride and groom leave on every place setting at a wedding.  It might be a little chocolate, a trinket, or something else to add a personal touch to the event; but generally they all have the same thing in common – they need a box to house them, and that’s where we come in.

Chocolate boxes

Wedding chocolate box
A wedding chocolate box

Will you be serving tea and coffee at your wedding?  At my son’s wedding we completely forgot to do it on the day, but at least the thought was there!

Often people ask us to make chocolate boxes that can be served with the hot drinks at the end of the meal, and given that chocolate boxes are ultimately our niche, we’re more than happy to oblige!

Post boxes

It’s inevitable that most of your wedding guests will bring a card for the bride and groom, and it’s important to know what to do with them all.  One option is a post box that can be put at the entrance where the guests can simply post their cards.  It’s an easy and attractive way to keep all the cards together in one place, and can be delivered to the bride and groom’s house after the event so they can open their cards at their leisure.

No matter what sort of wedding stationery you go for, don’t settle for anything less than exactly what the bride wants because, after all, she’s always right. For attractive, quality wedding boxes, you can trust GWD.


Noel Greenwood is the Managing Director of GWD Ltd, the designers and manufacturers of presentation and promotional packaging.  You can reach him on (01279) 416093 or at the company’s website: