Prestige Presentation Packaging – GWD Ltd and Cornelia James

The original box first made in 2013 has been redesigned with a different colour paper, different foil and new logo.

The original box first made in 2013 has been redesigned with a
different colour paper, different foil and new logo.

In 2013 GWD Ltd were commissioned by a glove company to create their presentation packaging (see Gorgeous Gloves go Hand in Hand with Presentation Packaging). This however, was no ordinary glove company but Cornelia James, glove makers to HM The Queen and holder of the Royal Warrant.

The Royal Warrant is granted to companies who have supplied HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales for at least five years.  Cornelia James were granted a Royal Warrant in 1979 and have held it ever since. It is not a prize but rather a recognition of excellence consistently achieved – recognised the world over as a mark of quality and excellence which cannot be bought at any price.

Cornelia James glove box

Box for Cornelia James gloves

Cornelia James first came to GWD Ltd knowing the project would be in a safe set of hands.  Pleased with our original creation, and having re-ordered it several times in the interim, they have come back to us now that the time has come to update their packaging and  have asked us to work our magic and provide the luxury packaging which will truly do their art justice.

You will undoubtedly have seen Cornelia James’s exquisite work before, as the Queen herself has been wearing their hand-stitched gloves for almost seventy years. Their connections with royalty stretch back all the way to 1947, when they made the then-Princess Elizabeth’s going-away gloves for her marriage to Prince Philip. They have never looked back. They currently make about twelve pairs a year for the Palace. Obviously you don’t get to be that prestigious without having a keen eye for quality and Cornelia James are well aware of the importance of presentation. We like to think that that’s why they continue to work with GWD Ltd. We are honoured to be revisiting our classic 2013 box and giving it a 2015 makeover as well as creating several smaller boxes. We have very much enjoyed our collaborations with this most distinguished of glove creators and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Personalised box

Personalised box

GWD Ltd are happy to take on all presentation packaging work of course, whether your company holds a Royal Warrant or not! Even if you are unsure of exactly what  you want, our team of packaging designers and cardboard engineers can create something truly special for you based around your concept or product. Whether it’s chocolates, corporate promotional material or just one very personalised box for a Christmas or birthday gift, we can build a package for every requirement.

Incidentally, Cornelia James are not the only company we work with who hold a Royal Warrant. Below is an advent calendar for Prestat, who are chocolate makers for the Queen and we recently made a one-off trophy box, for Garrards, jewellers and goldsmiths to the Queen.

Additional smaller boxes for new range of leather goods

Additional smaller boxes for new range of leather goods

Advent Calendar for Prestat, chocolatiers to HM the Queen

Advent Calendar for Prestat, chocolatiers to HM the Queen

Noel Greenwood is the Managing Director of GWD Ltd, the designers and manufacturers of presentation and promotional packaging.  You can reach him on (01279) 416093 or at the company’s website:

Boxing clever on your Wedding Day

Finally we’ve ushered in some sun, and isn’t it nice to see it?!  I’m a big fan of this time of year – the trees are green, the birds are singing and the Summer is nearly upon us! Each year these factors set little bells ringing in my mind. Not alarm bells, you might be wondering, but wedding bells. That’s right! Wedding season is fast approaching.

All eggs need a basket: Easter packaging

The trees are blossoming, the sun is shining in the crisp cool air, and the grass is looking decidedly long again: it’s Easter time.

What does Easter mean to you?  For some, it might all be about Christianity.  For others it’s about bunnies and daffodils.  For lots more, it’s all about the gloriously decadent period when Lent finishes and the assault on the chocolate can begin again in earnest.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart” – Make the most of February 14th

We make heart shaped boxes in a variety of sizes

We make heart shaped boxes in a variety of sizes

After Christmas and Easter, the period before Valentines Day is one of our busiest.  Given that we make presentation packaging for chocolate and flowers, you can understand why.

Of course, it’s not only GWD who look forward to Valentines Day for a welcome sales boost.  Following the post-Christmas lull, retailers all over the country look forward to February 14th as an opportunity to boost their sales heading to the end of the financial year.

Summer shenanigans – packaging for sweet success

SweetsWe’re now well into August, and August brings with it the quintessential British seaside experience that we’ve all come to know and love.  Okay, so the weather so far in August is not quite at the same level as the heatwaves we experienced in July, but with only three weeks left before the kids go back to school, now’s the time to enjoy some sea and sand (and hopefully sun). 

Just get me to the church on time – Wedding packaging

We’ve now entered July, and what does July usually bring with it?  Well, we’re in the UK, so I don’t think we should get too carried about away about sunshine, although we have been forecast a heatwave for next week!  However, what can be relied upon is that July ushers in the wedding season, and so I thought that we’d use our July blog to talk about the wedding work that GWD is involved in.