A right royal party at GWD

May has arrived and has brought with it some wonderful weather – something I’m sure we’ve all been craving and hoping for during the long winter months.  Now that the sun has arrived I’m sure everyone will be wanting to make the most of it – after all, there’s no guaranteeing that it’s going to continue into July and August!

Round pegs into round holes – circular packaging

If someone asked you to picture a box, what would it look like?  Would it have straight lines and right angles?  Would it be quadrilateral, and would all the sides be congruent?  If that’s what your understanding of boxes is, unfortunately we’re going to have to break it you – boxes can be much, much more than that.  If you’re looking for something a little bit different and with a few less corners, then a round box could be precisely the thing.

Sending coals to Newcastle – a unique packaging job

In the Western world we’re well into our New Year, and 2013 has brought us cold weather and…well, more cold weather.  However, on Sunday, over in the Far East, Chinese New Year celebrations began.  Also referred to as the ‘Spring Festival’ in China, Chinese New Year is the most important annual Chinese holiday and this year celebrates the year of the snake.  GWD has had a couple of orders related to the celebration of Chinese New Year and given that they are quite off the wall I thought we’d share them with you.

From the studio to the shelf – A beginners guide to packaging

The dust has now truly settled following the festive season and the January and February doldrums are upon us.  As we trudge through the cold and wet experiencing that unique comedown that only comes with the conclusion of Christmas, we could be forgiven for feeling a little bit sorry for ourselves.