Summer shenanigans – packaging for sweet success

SweetsWe’re now well into August, and August brings with it the quintessential British seaside experience that we’ve all come to know and love.  Okay, so the weather so far in August is not quite at the same level as the heatwaves we experienced in July, but with only three weeks left before the kids go back to school, now’s the time to enjoy some sea and sand (and hopefully sun). 

One of the things that goes hand in hand with the seaside and the school holidays is someIMG_0299 good old-fashioned sweets.  If you haven’t strolled along the promenade clutching a bag of boiled sweets or headed into a local shop for some ‘pic-n-mix’ and a piece of rock, then there’s a good chance that your British citizenship could be revoked.  At GWD we’re pretty involved in the sweet industry, and in ensuring that all of those tasty treats are packaged as beautifully as possible.IMG_0301

However, even if you’re not headed to the coast, the summertime is still a great time to enjoy a few sweets.  The kids are off school, and if the weather’s a little bit more traditionally British, the cinema can be a great outing; and of course, there are plenty of sweet delights to keep the children fed and watered.

One particular sweet box that we tend to produce a lot of is a pouch box like the one pictured.  It’s a great way to package loose confectionery and is particularly good for fudge – another type of confectionery that is very much ubiquitous with the summer time.  The jelly bean is another type of confectionery that works well with the pouch box, and has become very popular in recent years, with myriads of flavours available; some good, some not so.

In terms of summer outings, one particular trip that is likely to captivate the children’s attention more than most others is an excursion to a safari park.  GWD make one particular type of box that fits in perfectly with the safari theme, which are these ‘jungle creature cartons’ pictured.  These fold-up cartons are a fun way in which to present sweets, and can make a nice little memento too.


One of the benefits to using a fold up box is that they are generally more flexible than rigid boxes, and as a result there is far greater scope for creativity when it comes to a folding carton.  No matter what motif or logo you want, or whether you want a box of sweets in the shape of a house, tent, car, bag or anything else you can think of, we have the expertise and ability to do it.

IMG_0300The hotel industry is one industry that we tend to supply a lot of sweet boxes for, so if you’re visiting a hotel during your holidays this year, there’s a good chance that you might come across one of our sweet and fudge boxes.  We often undertake work for confectionery companies who supply hotels, personalising pouch boxes and other folding cartons, with a variety of different finishes, including foil blocking.

Whatever you want a sweet box for, you can rest assured that GWD can produce a high quality carton that will ensure satisfaction.


Noel Greenwood is the Managing Director of GWD Ltd, the designers and manufacturers of presentation and promotional packaging.  You can reach him on (01279) 416093 or at the company’s website: