The 5 Worst Things About Being a Parent in the Summer

As September draws closer I’m starting to notice those old familiar looks of desperate anticipation that seem to be dawning on most parents’ faces at this time of year. Thankfully we’re not currently going through this stage as our ‘kids’ have been moved out for a while now.

Based on memories that I wish I could block out, I’ve put together a fateful list of the 5 worst things we do for our kids in the summer. (Just to clarify, I do love my children really.)

1. Feeling sick on rides at seaside piers

GWD pouch boxes sweet boxes
GWD pouch boxes

Whether you’re in Blackpool, Brighton or Bognor, you’ll find yourself forced onto some sort of tummy-turning ride. We join our kids through twists and loops and then suffer the gruesome consequences.

Remedy: Down a bottle of Lucozade to settle your stomach and then cheer yourself up with a nice box of sweets. GWD produce pouch boxes (pictured) for loose, twist-wrapped sweets, chocolate and fudge, and we make sure they look good. So at least you’ll have a good-looking box to remind of your ‘wonderful day out’.

Aquatic creature cartons for loose sweets
Aquatic creature cartons

2. Getting nervy in aquariums

For those of us who don’t feel entirely comfortable standing in a cramped tunnel and looking a shark in the eye, aquariums and sea life centres can be a bit of a nightmare. But when the kids want to go, the kids want to go.

Remedy: Get the kids around the place as quickly as possible with the promise of a treat in the gift shop (and if you see a large fin approaching, look elsewhere). GWD do stock loose boxes, or ‘creature cartons as we like to call them, for aquariums selling loose sweets and treats. Take a look at this tentacled creature, guarding the special sweets within.

3. Dragging our feet around zoos

Jungle Creature Cartons Sweet Boxes
Jungle Creature Cartons

Yes the animals look soft and pretty, but does no-one else feel a certain pang of guilt when they make eye contact with a sad and bored looking mammal who maybe doesn’t feel like being the centre of attention that day?

Remedy: You’ll be pleased to hear that GWD do a similar line of creature cartons for sweetie boxes at zoos all over the place. One box will cheer you no end.

4. Feeling like we have to go to the capital

When the kids are in their early teens it seems like a summer can’t possibly go by without a sight-seeing trip to London. We tag along and endure the crowds and the heat of the tube because we’re nervous about letting them go alone. It’s not always the perfect day out!

GWD Rococo sweet boxes building shaped
GWD Rococo sweet boxes

Remedy: Get to a department store and relax on a sofa while the teens browse the clothes and gadgets. Once you’re refreshed, take a look at the special fold-up boxes in the sweetie section, like this one GWD made especially for Rococo. We make boxes for sweets in the shapes of real buildings, and they always go down a treat!

5. Queuing at theme parks

Need I say anything other than being the ONLY accompanying adult for a group at a theme park can get very, very dull?

Lollipop countertop dispenser
Lollipop countertop dispenser

Remedy: Forget the ride (you’ll only feel sick again) and use the spare couple of hours while the kids queue to find the perfect lollipop in the sweet shop (big lollies like these can last longer!). GWD make countertop dispensers for lollies, like this one.

GWD: Making your summer more bearable.



Noel Greenwood is the Managing Director of GWD Ltd, the designers and manufacturers of presentation and promotional packaging.  You can reach him on (01279) 416093 or at the company’s website: